Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Sappiness

I'm feeling very sappy this New Years, blame it on the hormones!

Last year was a pretty crazy year for us. We travelled more than we ever had before, going on a trip to the Dominican in January, and then the "Great California Road Trip" this summer.

We bought two cars, let one die a sad, slow death, and I killed another one is a spectacular fashion.

Steffan left many jobs he hated and has finally found one that he loves.

My baby brother got married, and I got a new sister.

We started an annual family vacation on my dad's side of the family, that's sure to be a real highlight for many years to come.

It's been a really good year. Sitting here on New Year's Eve, it's amazing to think about what 2008 is going to bring to our lives. In just 366 short days, so many things will have changed. Our little family of two, will be a family of three. There will be a little person with a personality all their own in this house next New Years.

I'm so excited about so many things that this year is going to bring. I've always thought that Steffan would make an excellent father. I can't wait to see him holding our little baby in his arms for the first time, to watch this little person start a relationship with the amazing man that I married. This little baby is so lucky to have him for a daddy, and I'm pretty lucky to have him as a husband too.

Happy New Year!! I hope you're all feeling as blessed as I am.

Funny Moments

Last night, Steffan was out late. When he came home and came to bed, he said to me, "has the baby been kicking much tonight?" and put his hand on my belly. Just as I was saying "No, not really", he got a big strong kick right to his hand. This baby's trying to make a liar out of me already!!

We were invited to a wedding of some good friends of ours in March, but had to decline, because it's in Guatemala a week before I'm due. Last night, I dreamed that we decided to go to the wedding anyway. We were staying in a dorm with a bunch of other people, and of course I went into labour. In my dream we had a 9 lb, 4'2" tall baby boy!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Double Digits

So, we're down to 98 days to go! That's exciting and scary all at once.

We put up our Christmas tree Saturday night. The whole time we were decorating, I kept thinking about how different next Christmas is going to be.

I'm not really in a Christmas mood this year. I just want it to be January, because that's when we're going to start working on the nursery. I feel like we have so much to do and so little time.

It's still hard to believe that we're going to have a baby. I try to imagine how this little person is going to change our lives, but it's still very surreal.

I need to pace myself and slow down a bit. I had a huge list of things to do on Saturday, and I got them all done, but I totally wore myself out in the process. I'm still feeling really good, I just have to remember that I don't quite have the energy I had last year.

On the medical side of things, I have another appointment with my kidney specialist this Thursday and then an appointment with my OB next Friday. We also start child birth classes at the beginning of January. Being the control freak that I am, I'm really looking forward to the classes. I feel like there's so much I don't know that I don't even know which questions to ask.

Last weekend, my sister came over and helped me go through my disaster of a closet. We packed away everything that doesn't fit me right now, donated 2 big bags of clothes to charity and threw out a bag of clothes that were too awful to even donate. It was a huge help!!

Last night, we had our family Christmas. It feels weird to celebrate so early, but my sister and brother-in-law are going out East for the holidays. It was a good day, but I ended up staying up way past my bedtime!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I had an OB appointment again yesterday.

The good news is that my blood pressure, although still borderline high, was lower than last month.

Pregnancy is no longer working as a weight loss method, I've caught up to where I should be, so I guess that's a good thing.

They are doing some extra tests because there's a little concern about my kidneys, but I meet with my nephrologist again on Dec 20, and then see the OB again Dec 28, so hopefully, if my kidneys are acting up again, we can catch it early.

Originally, I really wanted to have the baby in High River, but now, we're planning to have the baby in Calgary. My OB talked to another OB in her practice that also works in High River, and the High River OB is really reluctant to send me to High River. At the end of the day I just want what's best for me and the baby, and if that's Calgary, then that's what we'll do.

Other than that, not much has changed. I'm eating like crazy, my pants don't fit (which means I get to go shopping this weekend!). The energy that came back is starting to disappear again, but I'm still feeling good.

The most exciting thing this week has to do with reading. I'm a bit of a commitment-holic. If I start a book or a series, I feel compelled to finish it, to see it through to the end, no matter how terrible. I can only think of one series that I've started and not finished, other than that, I ALWAYS finish. I started a new series "A Song of Ice and Fire" about a year and a half ago. The first book was amazing, the second book was alright, after the first 300 painful pages. The third book was mediocore. This week, I finished the fourth book. It took me almost a year to get through, because it was that bad. But, now it's done, until he comes out with book 5, it was supposed to be out in the summer, however, as of the last update on his website, he's not even done writing it yet. Thank goodness, that means I can actually read something I enjoy!! Any suggestions?

Sorry this is so boring, but really, there's nothing going on...and I figured I should at least post something, unlike some people!! (Love you honey!!)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rider Good Luck Charm?!

Any of you who know me, know that I'm a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan. Also, those that follow CFL fan will realize that being a Rider fan isn't so much a choice, as it is a calling requiring dedication and loyalty for years and years.

Well, our dedication and loyalty has finally paid off. My theory is that our baby is a good luck charm, the beginning of a new dynasty!!

The First Purchases

When I first got pregnant, I didn't want to buy anything baby-related, because I was paranoid that buying anything too early would jinx things. Well, now that we're past the halfway mark, it's time to start shopping. Of course, it's not that easy, first you have to survive the "hormone-induced-freak-out". I woke up Saturday morning in an absolute panic - Do you realize if we had this baby today, we'd have to bring the baby home naked and it would have to sleep on the bare floor?!?! Now, in an admittedly much more sane state of mind, I realize if we had this baby today, we'd have bigger things to think about than baby clothes!!

So, Saturday, Steffan was a really trooper and we shopped all over Calgary. We looked at flooring, furniture, mouldings, drapes, etc. So, what was our first purchase, considering we still need all the supplies to redo the entire room from the floor up? Well, what empty room is complete without a lovely set of drapes??Originally we were going to find fabric and I was going to sew the drapes myself. (Those of you who know me can stop laughing now...I have sewn window coverings fact, some of my work is still displayed in select locations!) But,$25 for a pattern that we loved, (not too boy-ish, not too girl-ish, yet doesn't scream gender-neutral) is cheap compared to the cost, time, and frustration that my creations would entail.

The astute readers among you will have noticed that the title of this post was "The First PurchaseS" and I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat waiting for the rest of our shopping extravaganza to be revealed to you! Well, our baby may still come home naked, as we have yet to purchase any clothes, but at least the baby will be wrapped in a snuggly soft blanket that matches the drapes.

We've decided what to put on the floors, but we're waiting til January to rip out the carpet and lay down the laminate. We've also decided to paint the bottom half of the walls green, put up chair rail moulding, and do cream on top. We'll also paint the dresser and nightstand in fun colors to match the drapes. So, slowly, but surely it's coming together...good thing we still have 123 days to go!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

131 Days to Go...(But Who's Counting??)

So, we survived the weekend, drove to Saskatoon and back, helped demolish a kitchen and had people over for the Western semi-final (Go Riders Go!!!). So, it's no wonder that yesterday I locked the doors and mostly stayed in my jammies! I still managed to get the laundry done and practice piano. Whew, I need another long weekend just to recover!!

I'm feeling the baby move more and more, it's really neat, Steffan was even able to feel the baby on Saturday morning.

We need to sign up for childbirth classes this week. I'm a bit of a control freak, and going into this, I feel like I need all the info. I can get, I think the classes will be good for me, but I'm a little worried that they'll scare Steffan!!

I'm still feeling pretty good, but it's almost impossible to find a comfortable position to sleep in. It doesn't help that the cat sees all the extra pillows I have propped around me as her personal bed!

Now that the nursery-to-be is completely empty, we've started making plans for the great transformation, at first it was going to be a coat of paint, new blinds, and the baby furniture. But, as our projects usually do, it's expanded a wee bit (not unlike my belly!) Now, we've decided to tear out the carpet. I think we're going to go with a cork floor. The rest of the flooring is laminate, but I feel like that's too cold for a baby's room, so we're looking at cork. It's a little more expensive, but it's warmer, does block some sound, and there's some give to it (good for mommy & daddy's knees while pacing around at night, and good for baby's knees too!) We're also going to replace the baseboards and casings. Before we got pregnant, the plan was to redo the mouldings in the whole house, but now that projects been postponed a little bit. It seems silly to do all this work on the room and then redo the mouldings a year from now, so we'll do them now. Luckily, we have a few months and a lot of help.

Our work Christmas party is next Friday, which seems waaay too early. I wasn't sure what to wear, but tonight I tried on a dress that I bought shortly after moving back from university. For the first time ever, I'm grateful for the "freshman fifteen" (or in my case closer to 30) becuse the dress still fits!! I really didn't want to spend money on something to wear for one night.

(One thing I've realized by blogging, is that I use (parenthesis) waaaay too much!!!)

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

We're Halfway There...Living on a Prayer

We had our 20 week ultrasound today. It's hard to believe the pregnancy is half over. Just like the first time, the baby moved all over the place while the tech. was trying to do her measurements, and then settled down as soon as daddy came in the room. The baby looks healthy, we saw 10 fingers, 10 toes and a good, strong heart beat. We didn't find out the gender, because it doesn't matter. We're just so excited that we're having a baby!!!

As we were driving away from the lab, I was gushing about how neat it is to see the baby, etc., etc. Steffan, however was really distracted. What could possibly be more exciting than seeing our first child? Well, the new Subaru Imprezza of course! How can an amazingly perfect, tiny little baby (now, with taste buds!) compare with that amazing combination of artistry & engineering?

Living on a Prayer...I found out last night that my great-uncle died. My great aunt and uncle were the only family in town when we lived in Saskatoon, and since they had no children of their own, we became surrogate grand children to them. They have always made such an effort to stay involved in our lives, and so, his passing is a sad one.

It's amazing to me the impact this unborn child is already having on my life. This morning, I was quite sad, but just looking at this amazing baby, even on a computer screen, has totally cheered me up.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pregnancy as a Weight Loss Method!?!?!

Today, I had my first appointment with my obstetrician. I was quite leery. Since she's a high-risk OB, I thought she'd see me as an "easy" patient and not really spend much time with me but, she was fantastic. She answered all of my questions and then some. Recently, I've been considering having the baby at the High River hospital, as long as the kidney disease and my blood pressure stay under control. She's not at all opposed to that idea, she just wants to wait until I'm further along so that we can make a good decision. I'm really happy that I like my OB, not only was she great, but her assistants were really helpful too.

Of course, at the appointment, they weighed me, and I'm down 1/2 a pound from my normal weight. I'm not really sure where I've lost the weight, because I've certainly got a baby belly!! She said not to worry about the fact that I haven't gained anything yet, as she's sure it'll catch up to me as I get further along. As for my kidney issues, I'm still symptom-free and I'll be completely off the medication this Friday! We also got to hear the baby's heartbeat, that was pretty cool!

I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on Nov 6, so we'll upload new pictures then. Right now, we're really leaning toward not finding out the gender at the ultrasound, but as I told Stef, I'm a pregnant woman, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time without notice.

At work, we hired someone to help us cover the two upcoming maternity leaves, he starts Thursday, and I feel really good about the decision, plus, it's made my boss breathe a little easier.

Other than that, not much has changed, I'm still eating us out of house and home. I'm still feeling really good, I've been staying up later than Stef most nights, which if you know us, you know is unusual but, it's good to have energy. I'm still managing to take the train to work everyday, which is a good thing, because it means I'm walking every day.

Now I have to go eat, it's been 15 minutes!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Especially for the Ever-Excited Aunt-To-Be

My sister hounded me today, because there was nothing new up here, so here's another random post, just for her.

I have my first appointment with my O.B. on the 30th, it was supposed to be the 24th, but they moved it. I'm quite eager to go to this appointment for a few reasons, I'm hoping they can narrow down my due date for one thing, but more importantly, after this appointment, I can schedule THE ultrasound. What makes this ultrasound THE ultrasound? I'm so glad you asked. This would be the ultrasound where, if the baby were to cooperate, we could find out the gender.

This has brought great debate to our home. Originally, I did not want to find out the gender, I wanted to be surprised. My husband convinced me that it's a surprise no matter when we find out, so why not find out sooner, and keep it a secret. I agreed. Now, he's rethinking it. His theory is if we're painting the nursery green anyway, does it really matter if we find out ahead of time, but now I'm really curious. So, we have 2 more weeks to decide...

I've been trying to take the train to work for the last couple of weeks. It's about a 10 minute walk from the train to my office and then back again after work, I figure any exercise is better than nothing. Every day for the last two weeks, I've managed to take the bus, so that's good. Also, for the last two nights we've gone for a walk in the evening.

I'm eating everything in sight all the time. Everything looks, tastes, and smells good. Except for cheese, the smell of cheese is revolting, but it tastes good, especially with apples (Yes mom, I'm actually eating apples!) Meat is finally tasting good again. That's nice, because for about the last two months I've been forcing myself to eat meat to get protein, but now, it's tasting great.

I had my weekly blood work yesterday to make sure that I'm still symptom-free as far as the kidney issue goes, and everything looked good.

We've started looking for people here at work. We've got ads in both the major papers (Yes, RK, I'm calling the city tabloid a major paper) this weekend, and two interviews set up for Monday. Hopefully we find one or two qualified people quickly. It would make my boss relax. He's out of the country all of December, so he'd really like to have a solution to our baby epidemic, as it's being referred to, before he leaves.

When my sister asked why I hadn't post anything, I said it was because I had nothing to say, and look at how much I've managed to ramble! Once I finally have something to say just imagine how long the posts will be!

(And RK, now bug the father-to-be, he hasn't posted in even longer than me!!!)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Do you realize what this means?

So, it's been an interesting week.

First and most importantly, I had been having some kidney issues since March (not pregnancy related at all). These issues turned my pregnancy into a high-risk pregnancy. My nephrologist was hoping to treat the problem as early as possible in the pregnancy as most of the associated complications wouldn't come up until the third trimester. He figured it would take 2-3 weeks to respond to treatment. I began the drugs last Wednesday, and as of this Wednesday, I'm symptom-free!! This is a very good thing as it means I can get off the drugs, and the complications we were concerned about probably won't even be an issue. So, that's a relief. Now, because I responded so quickly to the treatment, they want to taper me off the drugs, so it'll take another 3 weeks until I'm drug-free, but at least the dose is decreasing and I'm making progress.

Earlier this week, I had a shocking realization. Obviously, I knew I was pregnant, I'm really excited about being pregnant. But it just hit me that this means we're going to have a baby. That's TERRIFYING!!!! Now, my parents did explain the birds & the bees to me, so I'm not quite sure why it's taken me almost two months to put together the fact that me being pregnant will lead to me having a baby, but it did. Now that I've put two and two together, I'm panicing a little. We'll just blame it on the hormones! I think part of what freaked me out is I did a little math, and we're at 16 weeks, which is 40% of the way there, that's almost half...eeek!

We have a book that gives us week to week updates on our baby. This week, our baby started to get the swirls and creases that will form his/her finger prints. How cool is that? Our baby is still so tiny, but already has so many things that make him/her unique and special.

Steffan has been working his butt off all week on the house. We've moved the office downstairs, so that the room that was the office can be turned into a nursery. We're also changing around the guest room. I think we might get that done this weekend! At first I didn't like the idea of having the office downstairs, but now that it's all set up, it's actually a really nice room.

I've never been good at eating fruits and vegetables, so I was a little worried about my eating habits while I was pregnant, but I've been doing really good. It helps that I don't keep cookies in the house! Steffan's been great, he cuts up my apples for me! For some reason munching on apple slices while you're watching T.V. is a lot more appealing than eating a whole apple. I think I'm going to double our grocery budget though, I'm eating soooo much! But, at least now, the nausea's gone.

Well, this turned into another random, rambling post, but it had been almost a week, I had to get SOMETHING up here!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

WARNING: Sappy Post Ahead!!!!

This Thanksgiving, it's pretty easy to be thankful! I'm a pretty lucky girl. I have a roof over my head, in a city where a roof is very expensive. I have a car that starts every morning, as long as I can find my keys. I have a steady, reliable job that I honestly love.

I have a husband who loves me unconditionally, even when this week I've been a self-admitted hormonal-mess. He always takes care of me and makes sure I'm comfy. The picture above, is the very first picture of our family of three, even though we didn't know it at the time. I know that Steffan will be an excellent father, and I can't wait to watch him with our child. It's something I've looked forward to for years, and I only have to wait a few more months.

I'm also incredibly grateful for our little Alien Invader. We have wanted a baby for so long, but we were waiting for the right time, and now, the time is right, and we have this huge blessing. I love this baby so much already, and I'm really looking forward to watching our little family of three find it's way in the next year. Oh, I know things won't be perfect, and there will be plenty of bumps and tears along the way. But I also know that God has given this gift, He already loves this baby more than I can even imagine, and He has entrusted him/her to us, if He has that much faith in us, who are we to doubt?

I'm also very grateful that we are surrounded by so much loving family. We're not the only ones who are already in love with the Alien. There are grandparents and aunts and uncles (by blood and friendship) that can't wait to welcome our little spawn into the world. With that much love and support, our baby's already more blessed than most.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Three Weeks Can Really Fly By

So, it turns out the baby is three weeks older than we thought! We went for the ultrasound Wednesday, and they gave me a due date of March 23. This has totally freaked me out. I feel like I've already missed three weeks of the baby's life!!! But, it does mean that we passed the all important 14 week mark with no problems and that as of tomorrow we are in week 16. The ultrasound was REALLY neat, we got to see the baby moving all over the place. I was worried I wouldn't be able to see what was what, but it looked like an actual little person. After the ultrasound, I went into about two days of panic. Do you realize that we're going to have a baby?? Yes, and I call myself a smart girl!

Today, we went to my mother-in-law's. She gave us a crib & mattress and a bunch of furniture that will work well for the baby's room. We have a TON of work to do, but we do have a lot of time to do it, and a ton of people we can call on to help us. Now that we have the furniture in the house, it's a little easier to picture what everything will look like.

On the plus side, my nausea is FINALLY starting subside, I"m eating enough to feed a small Latin American country, and I have more energy!!!

On Monday, we're going to my parents for Thanksgiving dinner, my grandparents will be there, so we'll make the big announcement that they're going to be great-grandparents. I think that's going to be a lot of fun, they're going to be thrilled!!

Last Monday, I told my boss that I'm pregnant. My department is quite small, and the girl I work most closely with, who covers my holidays etc. is also pregnant, and due Feb. 10, so they're a little panicked about that! But, they are a fairly family-friendly company, so once they get over the shock, and we hire another person, hopefully everyone will feel better. I've done my best to convince them that I really do intend to come back from maternity leave, but they're skeptical, and I guess really, they have to be.

I need to start posting here on a more regular basis, then it wouldn't be such a mish-mash of thoughts...

Friday, September 28, 2007

And it would make us some extra money...

Why we should auction off the rights to name our child on ebay:

I told my mom about our A.I. abbreviation, the first thing she said was "that could stand for artificial insemination". Neither me or hubby had thought of that...good thing we have months to come up with an actual baby name!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random Chaotic Thoughts

I haven't written a post in awhile, mostly because I feel like everything in my head is too scatter-brained to write out coherently!

We told the grandparents this weekend, my husband wrote about it far better than I ever could, so if you're curious, and haven't already, go read about it here. It's been really hard not telling my sister, she works with me every Monday, but we're telling her & my brother on Saturday. I know I can't really tell her, and then have him be the last to find out.

On Saturday I got my belly. It seems like overnight I went from looking normal to looking pregnant! It's funny, most of my life, my stomach's been the body part that I've been unhappy with, but now, I LOVE my belly. Who knows, maybe I'll get brave and post pictures. I must say the best investment I've made so far, perhaps in my life, is the bella-band. It lets you where your pants unbuttoned, and still look cute. It's made going to work faaar more comfortable! I'm thinking it might be useful after the baby's born too, unless of course my jeans fit again right away. (Feel free to laugh out loud at this idea, I know I am!)

I got a really nasty cold this week. I spent most of yesterday asleep. Today, I went to work for the morning, but came home at noon to rest up. Speaking of resting up, I'm going to eat & nap. Hopefully once I kick this cold, I'll be able to post something a little less dis-jointed!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Groceries & Food

I'm an incredibly first-born person. I like everything organized, alphabetized, and preferably, in chronological order. This quirk (some might call it an obsession) even extends to my grocery shopping habits. Generally, before I go to the grocery store, I make a list of everything I need. My list is divided up the same way as the aisles in the grocery store. This makes some people laugh, I call it good planning!

Well, since I got pregnant, grocery shopping is a little different. I make a list, but by the time I get to the store, nothing on the list appeals to me. So, I wander aimlessly through the aisles, looking for the perfect kind of creamy, kind of crunchy, salty, but sweet, filling but light food. Yeah, good luck.

I used to pride myself in being able to do a grocery shopping trip in 20 minutes, now it's more like 20 minutes per item. And, even after I find the elusive item, I usually change my mind by the time I find the next one.

At my doctor's appointment, he asked about morning sickness. I told him I was feeling kind of nauseous, he asked if it was so bad that I was losing weight, and I laughed at him. I'm eating us out of house and home. I have a brand new appreciation for the hobbit's second breakfast. In the last week, I've gone through 12 liters of milk (Thank goodness I switched from 2% to 1%) and an entire family-size box of cheerios!

I never thought I could be a vegetarian, but the idea of chicken is pretty revolting, and although I'm loving tacos, the smell of the ground beef cooking almost makes me toss my cookies....mmmm....cookies...gotta run!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's Official

I went to the doctor on Friday, and it's official, we're pregnant!!
He gave me a due date of April 16.

After my appointment I was pretty giddy. I went first thing in the morning, so I had to go into work after, and I was sure that people would be able to tell just because of how happy I was. But, eventually I settled down and managed to get some work done.

I'm sooo grateful that I have a doctor that I really like and trust. He's great at making me feel like he's taking my concerns seriously, but not letting me freak out and over react about things. I go back and see him again on the 28th.

It's so weird knowing that I'm pregnant and feeling like it's incredibly obvious, but yet no one else knows. In fact Friday at work the girls were all chatting about who the next one to get pregnant would be. I just laughed to myself. For about the last year at work, it seems like every one's getting pregnant. My boss was even joking that we should check the water.

It's been really fun talking to my husband about how to tell everyone. It's weird because this child is the first great-grandchild for all of my grandparents, which is kind of neat, because I was their first grand child.

Physically, I've been feeling absolutely exhausted and quite nauseous, but I try to stay positive about it, because it means that the hormone levels are surging and the baby must be growing.

My husband, Steffan, has been absolutely fantastic. I just feel bad, because so often he asks what he can do to help, and I don't even know what would help. I send him to the grocery store with a list, and by the time he gets home, that's not even what I want anymore. But, he keeps trying, and is incredibly patient with me. I'm very lucky to have him.

On Friday night, I found a website called BabyCenter with message boards. The message boards are divided up by due date, so you go on and chat with other people due the same month as you. It was really comforting to read it and know that some of the crazy things I'm thinking are really quite common. It's also nice to talk to people who are due around the same time, because we're all kind of in the same boat right now. You can also sign up for a weekly email from the site, that tells you what's new for your baby this week. Turns out A.I. is moving around already, I think that's pretty cool!

One of the hardest things to give up has been hot bubble baths. Not that I took that many of them before, but I always knew I could. Now, I'm achy and miserable, and knowing I can't is frustrating. But, I can hardly complain if that's what's going to deliver A.I. to us safe and sound in April, it's more than worth it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

So, My Blog

So, when I first found out I was pregnant (that story will come), I thought it would be really cool to start a journal, to keep a record of my thoughts and feelings (emotional & physical) as I go through this crazy journey. I thought about a few different ways to do it. A journal just for me, letters to the unborn baby, letters to my husband. But, in the end, I decided on a blog. The reason I decided to do a blog is that I think, seeing the date, up on the internet where everyone can see it, along with my perfectionistic nature, will force me to post more. Otherwise, I'm afraid it would be a case of great intentions but...not a heck of a lot of follow through.

I put off testing to see if I was pregnant for a couple of weeks even after I was pretty sure. I just didn't want to be disappointed. So, on Thursday, August 23, I FINALLY tested. Even though I was so sure in my head, I was still completely shocked, I'm not sure why. Anyway, it was positive, then, on Saturday, August 25th, my husband and I left for a 2-week road trip to California. Yes, that's right, my husband is crazy enough to take an emotional, hormonal, morning-sickness-afflicted wife on a two week road/camping trip!

The neat thing about leaving on holidays so soon, was that it gave my husband and me a chance to just be excited, get used to the idea, and talk about who to tell when.

So, now, we're back in town, back at work, and back to our "real lives". I go to the doctor tomorrow to get the official confirmation. I'm really looking forward to that, because in my head, it still doesn't seem real. Why it doesn't seem real, I'm not sure. I'm nauseous, cranky, moody etc. but, it just doesn't seem real.

It's been hard to keep this a secret from my family, luckily, I haven't seen them since I found out. I'm really excited about telling my parents, because I think they've resigned themselves to the fact that we're not going to have kids, and I know they're a little disappointed about that. It's going to be fun to tell them and totally surprise them!

It's been harder for my husband, we've seen his dad several times, and I know he really wants to tell him! But, it has been fun thinking up the HOW to tell them.

Every time I start to worry (and believe me, I do that A LOT) I just remember that this baby is going to be SUPER-LOVED!! This baby has two parents who can't wait to meet him/her, grandparents, who are going to be giddy, and aunts and uncles who may try to kidnap him/her for themselves.

Well, this "him/her" thing has to, we'll call the baby A.I. That's short for Alien Invader, because most of the time, that's how my body feels, like it's been invaded by aliens! But, I'm so excited and so happy, this is what I've wanted for a long time, it's hard to believe, I'm pregnant!!!