Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Sappiness

I'm feeling very sappy this New Years, blame it on the hormones!

Last year was a pretty crazy year for us. We travelled more than we ever had before, going on a trip to the Dominican in January, and then the "Great California Road Trip" this summer.

We bought two cars, let one die a sad, slow death, and I killed another one is a spectacular fashion.

Steffan left many jobs he hated and has finally found one that he loves.

My baby brother got married, and I got a new sister.

We started an annual family vacation on my dad's side of the family, that's sure to be a real highlight for many years to come.

It's been a really good year. Sitting here on New Year's Eve, it's amazing to think about what 2008 is going to bring to our lives. In just 366 short days, so many things will have changed. Our little family of two, will be a family of three. There will be a little person with a personality all their own in this house next New Years.

I'm so excited about so many things that this year is going to bring. I've always thought that Steffan would make an excellent father. I can't wait to see him holding our little baby in his arms for the first time, to watch this little person start a relationship with the amazing man that I married. This little baby is so lucky to have him for a daddy, and I'm pretty lucky to have him as a husband too.

Happy New Year!! I hope you're all feeling as blessed as I am.

Funny Moments

Last night, Steffan was out late. When he came home and came to bed, he said to me, "has the baby been kicking much tonight?" and put his hand on my belly. Just as I was saying "No, not really", he got a big strong kick right to his hand. This baby's trying to make a liar out of me already!!

We were invited to a wedding of some good friends of ours in March, but had to decline, because it's in Guatemala a week before I'm due. Last night, I dreamed that we decided to go to the wedding anyway. We were staying in a dorm with a bunch of other people, and of course I went into labour. In my dream we had a 9 lb, 4'2" tall baby boy!!!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Double Digits

So, we're down to 98 days to go! That's exciting and scary all at once.

We put up our Christmas tree Saturday night. The whole time we were decorating, I kept thinking about how different next Christmas is going to be.

I'm not really in a Christmas mood this year. I just want it to be January, because that's when we're going to start working on the nursery. I feel like we have so much to do and so little time.

It's still hard to believe that we're going to have a baby. I try to imagine how this little person is going to change our lives, but it's still very surreal.

I need to pace myself and slow down a bit. I had a huge list of things to do on Saturday, and I got them all done, but I totally wore myself out in the process. I'm still feeling really good, I just have to remember that I don't quite have the energy I had last year.

On the medical side of things, I have another appointment with my kidney specialist this Thursday and then an appointment with my OB next Friday. We also start child birth classes at the beginning of January. Being the control freak that I am, I'm really looking forward to the classes. I feel like there's so much I don't know that I don't even know which questions to ask.

Last weekend, my sister came over and helped me go through my disaster of a closet. We packed away everything that doesn't fit me right now, donated 2 big bags of clothes to charity and threw out a bag of clothes that were too awful to even donate. It was a huge help!!

Last night, we had our family Christmas. It feels weird to celebrate so early, but my sister and brother-in-law are going out East for the holidays. It was a good day, but I ended up staying up way past my bedtime!