Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Girls

Alexandra's Smile

Caitlyn - The Big Sister

Caitlyn, my darling, watching you become a big sister has been fascinating.  You're a fabulous big sister.  You love Alex, and you're great with her.  Whenever she cries, you shake her rattle for her, or sing her a song.  You seem so grown up now.  This morning, you went into the bathroom to put your hair clips in by yourself, but then, I watched you look up and go on your tip toes to turn off the light, and all of a sudden, you're my little girl again.  Tonight, we took you trick or treating for the first time.  You were an adorable little penguin.  I thought you'd be shy, but you went right up to the first door and said, "Trick or treat" and then, "Thank you" after you got your candy.  As we left the first home you said we could go home now.  When we explained that we could go to lots of houses for candy, your face lit up.  I think you have a new favorite holiday!  When you came home, you helped to hand out candy to the kids who came to our house.  You were very first-born about it.  You got a sucker and a chocolate and set them aside and told me the sucker was for the girl, and the chocolate was for the kid.  After a few kids, you came to me and said you were ready for bed.  Your dad & I were so proud of you!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

good night

The other night while Steffan was tucking Caitlyn in for the night:

Steffan: Good night
Caity: Good night
Steffan: I love you princess
Caity: I love you princess
Steffan: Caitlyn, you call me Papa
Caity: I love you princess Papa

Monday, October 25, 2010

red light

Today in the van
Caity: Mama, why we stopped?
Me: Because the light's red

One minute later
Caity: Mama, why we stopped?
Me: Because the light's still red
Caity: Good remembering!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the news

On the C-Train yesterday there was a newspaper on the bench beside Caitlyn

Caitlyn: Please I read the paper?
Karmyn: Sure

Caitlyn opens the paper & stares intently at it before stating: Old man died

Thursday, October 7, 2010

a great kid

Steffan: You're a great kid!

Caity: No I'm not, I'm a good girl... don't call me a kid