Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Haircut

And for fairness, here was Caitlyn's first haircut:

Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight Savings

Mama:  We have to change the clocks tonight!
Caitlyn:  But mom, I like our clocks!
Mama:  Sorry, I meant we have to change the time on our clocks.
Caitlyn:  Like take the numbers out and move them around?
Mama:  No, I'm just going to move the hands forward a bit.
Caitlyn:  But mom, the hands move by themselves!

Even a 4-year-old can see that there's no point to Daylight Savings!

Friday, March 2, 2012

After Bedtime

Caitlyn quietly creeps into the hallway..."Mommy, just one thing.  Thank you for putting candles in my cupcake.  It was the best birthday ever!"

And just like that, it's all worth it.

Caitlyn - 4 Years Old!

Well, my girl, you are 4 years old, and all grown up!

You’re going to pre-school, and loving it.  You can often be heard trying to convince Alex that you are the teacher and she has to listen to you.

You’ve been in swimming lessons the last couple of weeks, and it’s made me so proud to sit in the balcony and watch you become more confident every lesson. 

In the last year, you have become a master negotiator.  The phrase “Mama, here’s the deal” can often be heard.  But, you’re usually pretty fair.  The other day, when we were cleaning I asked you to clean the playroom while I cleaned the kitchen.  You went away and thought about it for awhile and then came back with “Mama, here’s the deal.  How about if I help you clean the kitchen, and then you can help me clean my playroom?”  I thought it was great problem solving!

You are an amazing big sister.  You love to help take care of your sister, and when you’re not accidentally hurting her, you’re her fiercest protector.  The other day, when I hung up some pictures of you two, you came to me very seriously and said:  “Mama, thank you for hanging the pictures of Alex.  They help me to love her.”  Watching the relationship between you grow makes me and your dad so proud.  It’s amazing to think that you two could be each other’s longest relationship; it’s a privilege to watch the beginning.

The last few weeks, you’ve been quietly coming into our room in the morning, crawling beside me and saying “Mama, I just want to snuggle you while we wake up.”  Even though you’re the most restless snuggler I’ve ever seen, it’s a fantastic way to start the day.

Caitlyn-bear, I love you.  I love your spunk, I love your 4th generation “first-born-ness”, I love watching you explore and participate in the world around you. 
Happy birthday!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Alex - 18 Months

 Baby girl, you’re 18 months old!  You’re a funny little girl.  You like to laugh, and wrestle, and giggle.  But, sometimes, you just sit back and very seriously take in everything around you.

You are a drama queen.  You go from calm, to outraged, to delighted in the blink of an eye.  You’ve mastered the art of looking up at your daddy, slowly batting your long eyelashes, melting his heart.

You are passionate.  The things that you love, you LOOOVE:  like cheese, yogurt, splashing in the bathtub, dad doing donuts in the van, and cuddles.  The things you hate, you HATE:  like washing your hair, being told “no”, and sharing with your sister.

Your ability to communicate has skyrocketed in the last month.  Every time we bring you food, you look at it and say “Hot!”.  When we tell you it’s not, we get a very understanding, “oooh”.

Whenever you’re feeling a little bored or neglected, you go up to someone, take their hand and say, “husha”, (asking for ring-around-the-rosey) looking up so seriously with your beautiful, big eyes so that there’s no way we can say no to you.

We love you very much baby.  Happy birthday and a half!