Friday, September 28, 2007

And it would make us some extra money...

Why we should auction off the rights to name our child on ebay:

I told my mom about our A.I. abbreviation, the first thing she said was "that could stand for artificial insemination". Neither me or hubby had thought of that...good thing we have months to come up with an actual baby name!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Random Chaotic Thoughts

I haven't written a post in awhile, mostly because I feel like everything in my head is too scatter-brained to write out coherently!

We told the grandparents this weekend, my husband wrote about it far better than I ever could, so if you're curious, and haven't already, go read about it here. It's been really hard not telling my sister, she works with me every Monday, but we're telling her & my brother on Saturday. I know I can't really tell her, and then have him be the last to find out.

On Saturday I got my belly. It seems like overnight I went from looking normal to looking pregnant! It's funny, most of my life, my stomach's been the body part that I've been unhappy with, but now, I LOVE my belly. Who knows, maybe I'll get brave and post pictures. I must say the best investment I've made so far, perhaps in my life, is the bella-band. It lets you where your pants unbuttoned, and still look cute. It's made going to work faaar more comfortable! I'm thinking it might be useful after the baby's born too, unless of course my jeans fit again right away. (Feel free to laugh out loud at this idea, I know I am!)

I got a really nasty cold this week. I spent most of yesterday asleep. Today, I went to work for the morning, but came home at noon to rest up. Speaking of resting up, I'm going to eat & nap. Hopefully once I kick this cold, I'll be able to post something a little less dis-jointed!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Groceries & Food

I'm an incredibly first-born person. I like everything organized, alphabetized, and preferably, in chronological order. This quirk (some might call it an obsession) even extends to my grocery shopping habits. Generally, before I go to the grocery store, I make a list of everything I need. My list is divided up the same way as the aisles in the grocery store. This makes some people laugh, I call it good planning!

Well, since I got pregnant, grocery shopping is a little different. I make a list, but by the time I get to the store, nothing on the list appeals to me. So, I wander aimlessly through the aisles, looking for the perfect kind of creamy, kind of crunchy, salty, but sweet, filling but light food. Yeah, good luck.

I used to pride myself in being able to do a grocery shopping trip in 20 minutes, now it's more like 20 minutes per item. And, even after I find the elusive item, I usually change my mind by the time I find the next one.

At my doctor's appointment, he asked about morning sickness. I told him I was feeling kind of nauseous, he asked if it was so bad that I was losing weight, and I laughed at him. I'm eating us out of house and home. I have a brand new appreciation for the hobbit's second breakfast. In the last week, I've gone through 12 liters of milk (Thank goodness I switched from 2% to 1%) and an entire family-size box of cheerios!

I never thought I could be a vegetarian, but the idea of chicken is pretty revolting, and although I'm loving tacos, the smell of the ground beef cooking almost makes me toss my cookies....mmmm....cookies...gotta run!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's Official

I went to the doctor on Friday, and it's official, we're pregnant!!
He gave me a due date of April 16.

After my appointment I was pretty giddy. I went first thing in the morning, so I had to go into work after, and I was sure that people would be able to tell just because of how happy I was. But, eventually I settled down and managed to get some work done.

I'm sooo grateful that I have a doctor that I really like and trust. He's great at making me feel like he's taking my concerns seriously, but not letting me freak out and over react about things. I go back and see him again on the 28th.

It's so weird knowing that I'm pregnant and feeling like it's incredibly obvious, but yet no one else knows. In fact Friday at work the girls were all chatting about who the next one to get pregnant would be. I just laughed to myself. For about the last year at work, it seems like every one's getting pregnant. My boss was even joking that we should check the water.

It's been really fun talking to my husband about how to tell everyone. It's weird because this child is the first great-grandchild for all of my grandparents, which is kind of neat, because I was their first grand child.

Physically, I've been feeling absolutely exhausted and quite nauseous, but I try to stay positive about it, because it means that the hormone levels are surging and the baby must be growing.

My husband, Steffan, has been absolutely fantastic. I just feel bad, because so often he asks what he can do to help, and I don't even know what would help. I send him to the grocery store with a list, and by the time he gets home, that's not even what I want anymore. But, he keeps trying, and is incredibly patient with me. I'm very lucky to have him.

On Friday night, I found a website called BabyCenter with message boards. The message boards are divided up by due date, so you go on and chat with other people due the same month as you. It was really comforting to read it and know that some of the crazy things I'm thinking are really quite common. It's also nice to talk to people who are due around the same time, because we're all kind of in the same boat right now. You can also sign up for a weekly email from the site, that tells you what's new for your baby this week. Turns out A.I. is moving around already, I think that's pretty cool!

One of the hardest things to give up has been hot bubble baths. Not that I took that many of them before, but I always knew I could. Now, I'm achy and miserable, and knowing I can't is frustrating. But, I can hardly complain if that's what's going to deliver A.I. to us safe and sound in April, it's more than worth it.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

So, My Blog

So, when I first found out I was pregnant (that story will come), I thought it would be really cool to start a journal, to keep a record of my thoughts and feelings (emotional & physical) as I go through this crazy journey. I thought about a few different ways to do it. A journal just for me, letters to the unborn baby, letters to my husband. But, in the end, I decided on a blog. The reason I decided to do a blog is that I think, seeing the date, up on the internet where everyone can see it, along with my perfectionistic nature, will force me to post more. Otherwise, I'm afraid it would be a case of great intentions but...not a heck of a lot of follow through.

I put off testing to see if I was pregnant for a couple of weeks even after I was pretty sure. I just didn't want to be disappointed. So, on Thursday, August 23, I FINALLY tested. Even though I was so sure in my head, I was still completely shocked, I'm not sure why. Anyway, it was positive, then, on Saturday, August 25th, my husband and I left for a 2-week road trip to California. Yes, that's right, my husband is crazy enough to take an emotional, hormonal, morning-sickness-afflicted wife on a two week road/camping trip!

The neat thing about leaving on holidays so soon, was that it gave my husband and me a chance to just be excited, get used to the idea, and talk about who to tell when.

So, now, we're back in town, back at work, and back to our "real lives". I go to the doctor tomorrow to get the official confirmation. I'm really looking forward to that, because in my head, it still doesn't seem real. Why it doesn't seem real, I'm not sure. I'm nauseous, cranky, moody etc. but, it just doesn't seem real.

It's been hard to keep this a secret from my family, luckily, I haven't seen them since I found out. I'm really excited about telling my parents, because I think they've resigned themselves to the fact that we're not going to have kids, and I know they're a little disappointed about that. It's going to be fun to tell them and totally surprise them!

It's been harder for my husband, we've seen his dad several times, and I know he really wants to tell him! But, it has been fun thinking up the HOW to tell them.

Every time I start to worry (and believe me, I do that A LOT) I just remember that this baby is going to be SUPER-LOVED!! This baby has two parents who can't wait to meet him/her, grandparents, who are going to be giddy, and aunts and uncles who may try to kidnap him/her for themselves.

Well, this "him/her" thing has to, we'll call the baby A.I. That's short for Alien Invader, because most of the time, that's how my body feels, like it's been invaded by aliens! But, I'm so excited and so happy, this is what I've wanted for a long time, it's hard to believe, I'm pregnant!!!